Are your watch strap and bracelet correctly adjusted?

Bracciale Oyster Rolex
Bracciale oyster del Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Platino


What a pleasure having a watch of great value and wearing it! Let secure it to our wrist with its leather strap or metal bracelet. Do not tighten it too much, to avoid circulatory problems, but, at the same time, do not loosen it too much, to avoid damages. The looser the watch is the higher the risk of unexpected knocks, and moreover, every jolt is a stress for the correct harmonic motion of the balance wheel, with a negative influence on precision.

Furthermore, in case of metal bracelet, the excessive movement causes continuous twisting and pulls, which loosen the links and wear the spring bars out, reducing significantly even the life of the best bracelet.

As for the leather straps, we would like to highlight the value of the folding clasps, which can be easily applied also to normal straps and have the quality of reducing the typical wear of the normal  buckle, increasing safety and ease of use. The high initial cost of the folding clasp is easily sunk thanks to the lesser wear of this type of strap, because remind that two little rectangles of leather, even if valuable, cost like an excellent pair of shoes…

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