Vintage watches in Rome with unparalleled quality warranty

The Hausmann Vintage watches selection is unique in Rome because of its quality and originality warranty.

Spare parts are not only original, but also used in the right way: each second wrist watch is equipped with its very own bracelet, original buckle, right dial… A second wrist watch can indeed be “freely” composed by not serious operators. In this way, it can happen (and we saw it) that a Rolex Submariner is assembled with the bracelet of a Rolex GMT, that the gold buckle of a Patek Philippe comes from different years of production, etc.

Hausmann & Co. is able to guarantee the originality and integrity of the Vintage watches collection thanks to the great competency of our Service Centre, officially certified by many among the main watchmakers Maisons. And thanks to the vintage original spare parts we have in stock to overhaul every second wrist watch we sell in our store in Rome, via del Corso 406.

And even if some details of a second wrist watch will not be perfect… we ensure that we will be transparent, in order to make aware the customer of the features of the vintage watch he is buying.

After all, Hausmann Vintage watches are verified and guaranteed by a Company producing and selling high-end watchmaking from more than two centuries.  

Una immagine durante la sostituzione dell'inserto rosso e blu della lunetta di un GMT Master II Rolex ref. 16710
Una immagine durante la sostituzione dell’inserto rosso e blu della lunetta di un GMT Master II Rolex ref. 16710

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