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The Hausmann & Co. Service Centre is the company’s star operation. Horological expertise has formed part of the Hausmann DNA for over two centuries, representing a factor of strategic value which is guaranteed by the sizeable team of master watchmakers and polishers employed in the workshop, which makes it probably the most famous independent watchmaking workshop in Italy.

We are proud to ensure a state-of-the-art overhaul of a watch, able to make it as good as new. This is because our Service Centre is certified for watch repairs by RolexPatek PhilippeCartierA. Lange & SöhnePaneraiJaeger-LeCoultre, IWCBreguetTudorBlancpain and is authorized by Vacheron ConstantinZenithTag HeuerChanelChopardLonginesF.P. JourneParmigiani FleurierL. LeroyPorsche DesignGiuliano Mazzuoli.

As is required for state-of-the-art servicing and in order to comply with the standards laid down by the principal brands authorizing repair work on their watches, great attention is paid to the standards of workmanship. The machinery used is in line with the most advanced technological standards: two machines for ultrasonic cleaning (one for the prewash and one for the final one), chronocomparators to test a watch’s rate, instruments for the testing of water-resistance, both under pressure and under water, polishing, lapping and sand blasting machines to restore cases and bracelets to their original splendour, an engraving machine, a gold plating machine and – finally – integrated software for monitoring the entire overhaul process and simplifying communication with clients.

The master watchmakers’ professionalism is guaranteed not only by the centuries-old name Hausmann & Co., but also by the qualifications deriving from the training and development courses regularly attended at the principal watchmaking companies.

The Hausmann & Co. service workshop numbers several institutions among its clients, which have never ceased over the years to place their trust in the watchmakers’ expertise and ability; these include the Office of the President of the Republic of Italy, and the Holy See.

With its considerable watchmaking expertise, Hausmann & Co. harbours the ambitious goal of consolidating and defending the culture of watchcare. This is one of the reasons why the “Diary” section of this website includes suggestions and tips for using mechanical watches, accumulated over the course of years of

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22 十月 2013 |

  拉出把头就是将把头从其原来在手表正常运转中的位置移动到进行上弦操作的位置。这个操作本身不会对齿轮结构造成影响,但操作必须轻柔,不能用力。 理想的操作方法是将中指的指甲插入表盘和把头之间,用大拇指的指尖在中指对面挡住表盘以控制中指的力度。如果第一次尝试未能将把头拔出,不要用力去开,而是尝试将把头转动半圈:这样能找到齿轮咬合的最佳位置从而轻松地将把头拉出。 记住在拉把头时不要把手表戴在手腕上,以免对把头过于用力而使把头的轴受到垂直应力的影响! 最后一个建议,对于把头有一个以上调节位置的手表,在需要将把头从位置“1”(通常用于调节日期)移到位置“2”(通常用于调节时间)时,建议每次都要先将把头退回到上弦的位置(位置“0”)然后再移到“2”;这样做能够更容易地找到正确的位置,避免错位并且可以减少手对齿轮造成影响的次数。

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5 十一月 2014 |

  一块普通的带日期功能的手表没有能力识别每个月份的不同,因此在遇到少于31天的月份时就需要进行校准。在手表在放置了一段时间要重新戴上的时候同样也有必要进行此项操作。 但是……注意!调整日期隐藏着两个陷阱,一个是机械陷阱,另一个是智力陷阱。 为了防止机械陷阱,需要绝对避免在21:00 点到03:00之间对日历进行快速校准,因为在这段时间一般的日历卡装置已经启动了。这时进行快速校准可能会对与此操作相关的齿轮造成损坏(可以修好,但维修费昂贵)。 而在中午或半夜进行日期的调整很可能会落入智力陷阱!通过确认手表上的时间与日-夜的正确位置相符来避免这一后果(此后果可能使手表主人进入“囧人”排行榜!)。 以下是校准日期的正确操作方法。 -          将把头拉到校准时间的位置然后把时针往前拨直到日期跳转(半夜)。把时针拨到超过3的位置,让两根指针都处于下表盘(即危险区域以外); -          将把头收回到上弦的位置; -          将把头拉到校准日期的位置并往前拨到正确日期的位置; -          将把头收回到上弦的位置; -          将把头拉到校准时间的位置并将指针往前拨到正确时间的位置。 对于使用按键校准日期的手表,在上述第三点中的操作将简单地通过按键进行。 按照以上这些简单的操作流程你就能对任何手表进行准确地校准,同时避免机械损伤以及日期在白天跳转的囧况。

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