Second wrist watches Hausmann Vintage. A lasting value.

Second wrist watches Hausmann Vintage. A lasting value.

Rare. Prestigious. Original. Verified by a Company producing and selling high-end watches from over two centuries. Those are the features of a second wrist watch from the Hausmann Vintage collection. Each watch is chosen with a rigid selection process, examined and carefully overhauled in our prestigious Service Centre. Each watch is equipped with our certificate. And from the warranty of a tradition started in 1794.

Here is why purchasing an Hausmann Vintage watch: trust should be given to whom deserves it.

Ours is a guaranteed supply chain. We have a long history of cooperation with many historical watchmaking Maisons: this protects every purchase. Very few on the market have a deep knowledge of new collections, direct contacts with Brands and such a professional and certified Service Centre such Hausmann & Co. does. No choice for us from being absolutely serious.

Why Hausmann Vintage watches are unmatched:

Safe purchase

Authenticity and origin verified with the Brands. And the Hausmann & Co. warranty certifying originality and the proper marching of the watch.

Functioning warranty

Our Service Centre overhauls and ensures the mechanics of the watch. Our quality standards, accuracy and spare parts are the ones defined by the Brands.


Possible defects of second wrist watches that we propose for selling are always pointed out. No bad surprise after the purchase!

The Hausmann Vintage watches are available exclusively at our historical Via del Corso boutique.

Hausmann & Co S.r.l.

Via del Corso 406, Roma
Tel.: +39 06 68 71 501

Opening hours:

From Monday to Saturday: 10.30 am; 7 pm.
Closed on Sundays

You will find modern watches, Rolex and Patek Philippe second wrist watches and a vintage selection from the best watchmaking brands. But also, rarities, limited editions or references from the second half of the last century which contributed to define the history of wrist watchmaking. We also select for lovers of antique watchmaking rare pocket watches and carriage clocks. Each watch is chosen for its quality and conditions but also for his historical, mechanical or iconic interest: otherwise, it would have not found a place in our window displays!