The “Machine pour arrondir”, used in our watch shop in XIX Century

12 五月 2018 | ,

The Hausmann & Co. collection counts historical watches and clocks as well as machines and spare parts once used in our Clock and Watch shop to create and to repair watches. Before the industrialization of the watchmaking industry, all components were hand mande (and designed, of course!) both at the moment of the creation of…

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Quality controls inside the Hausmann & Co. Service Centre

2 五月 2018 |

During an overhaul in our Service Centre, a careful eye always looks to your watch. Even at the end of the watchmaking work: a strict quality control procedure is defined in order to ensure to every customer the best service each time we deliver an overhauled watch. We test water resistance or waterproofness, depending on…

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A short and sad story behind a Patek Philippe watch fixing

3 十一月 2017 |

You own a beautiful Patek Philippe watch, carefully kept during the years to be worn for that special occasion, the wedding of a friend or a son, a gala dinner, a special event. A watch with an economic value. For this reason you always make it overhauled by a Patek Philippe authorized Service Center such…

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From a 1945 original newspaper, Franz Hausmann idea about the watchmaker work

1 十月 2015 | ,

The “Free Association of Watchmakers” in Rome was born again on 1945, changing the organization that Fascism gave to corporatism. This page is the fist page of the “Clessidra” (hourglass) newspaper, printed by the Association on the 31st of May 1945, coinciding with the end of the war in Europe. In this historical page for Italian watchmaking, the…

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atches in Rome since 1794. Please call us Watchmakers

16 三月 2015 | ,

It all begun in the small shop of a watchmaker, Innocenzo Ricci, that made watches by hand. The name changes when two German watchmakers, Hausmann and Frielingsdorf, aquired the watchmaking workshop to develop their own activity of watches production, selling and repair. This is the age when business relationship with the main manufactures were established….

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The pleasure of the choice: in Rome, Hausmann & Co.

20 四月 2014 | ,

The watchmaking newspaper “L’Orologio” dedicates “the pleasure of the choice” column to Hausmann & Co. Group. Benedetto Mauro, one of the CEOs of the Group, analyses the watchmaking market situation in Italy. The current Italian legislation, that limitates the use of cash to € 999,99 and that requires a fiscal identification of the buyer for…

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