Shadow like embroideries: the skeleton watch ref. 5180/1R by Patek Philippe

11 九月 2017 | ,

Guess what is it? LIght embroideries. At Baselworld 2017, Patek Philippe introduced a new version of its rare and marvellous skeleton watch: the Calatrava “Squelette” Ref. 5180/1R in rose gold. It showcases the extremely rare craft of skeletonization alongside magnificent engravings to imbue the elegant mechanism with enigmatic sensuousness. The aesthetic appeal and transparency with…

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(Italiano) All’Aranciera di San Sisto per celebrare il IV Premio Hausmann & Co. Patek Philippe

6 六月 2016 | , ,


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The Patek Philippe Calibre 89: the first watch to indicate the date of Easter

24 四月 2016 | ,

The Easter date does not correspond to a fixed date each year: this is why Easter is a so-called ‘movable’ feast. According to the Gregorian calendar, in use since  1582, the possible dates for Easter range between 22 March and 25 April. Since the Nicea Council, back in the VI Century, Easter is defined as the first sunday…

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A Patek Philippe video showing the beginning of a family tradition

16 十一月 2015 |

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation. This is the end of this movie, called “International Generations”, that Patek Philippe introduces in Italy in co-branding with Hausmann & Co. Three families from London, Shanghai and New York take care of their sons following the time ticked…

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In the National Institute of Roman Studies, with Patek Philippe and Hausmann & Co.

9 六月 2015 | , ,

A great evening dedicated to beauty. To the beauty of Arts, represented by the winning pieces of the Hausmann & Co. – Patek Philippe Award 2015. To the beauty of Patek Philippe watches, as beautiful in their aesthetic as in the mechanics. To the beauty of Rome, the frame of this wonderful evening with the…

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To whom the honor of creating the first wristwatch of the history?

19 五月 2015 | , , ,

Answering to the question “Who created the first wrist watch” is not easy at all! Carolina Murat, queen of Naples and sister of Napoleon ordered to Abraham-Louis Breguet on 1810 a wristwatch with minute repeater, delivered on 1812. Only the order on the original Breguet’s book is, unfortunately, proof of this production… Patek Philippe made…

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Baselworld 2015 trends #5: historical memory for Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot, Leroy, Zenith and Longines

13 四月 2015 | , , , ,


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Baselworld 2015 trends #4: blue on Tudor, Patek Philippe and Breguet watches

8 四月 2015 | , , ,

As an alternative to the common black and the confortable browns, blue is gaining positions inside the pages of all brands’ catalogues. This Baselword 2015 showed the use of blue also for classic and simple watches, changing the trend that associated it mainly with limited editions and platinum versions of the watches. First introduced in…

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