The “Machine pour arrondir”, used in our watch shop in XIX Century

12 五月 2018 | ,

The Hausmann & Co. collection counts historical watches and clocks as well as machines and spare parts once used in our Clock and Watch shop to create and to repair watches. Before the industrialization of the watchmaking industry, all components were hand mande (and designed, of course!) both at the moment of the creation of…

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Quality controls inside the Hausmann & Co. Service Centre

2 五月 2018 |

During an overhaul in our Service Centre, a careful eye always looks to your watch. Even at the end of the watchmaking work: a strict quality control procedure is defined in order to ensure to every customer the best service each time we deliver an overhauled watch. We test water resistance or waterproofness, depending on…

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Vintage watches in Rome with unparalleled quality warranty

25 四月 2018 |

The Hausmann Vintage selection is unique because of its quality and originality warranty. Spare parts are not only original, but also used in the right way: each watch is equipped with its very own bracelet, original buckle, right dial… A second wrist watch can indeed be “freely” composed by not serious operators. In this way,…

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Only natural stones in Hausmann & Co. jewels: here the Plenilunio hand made ring collection

20 四月 2018 |

The most beautiful colors comes from Nature.   This is the source of the powerful colors of the Plenilunio collection. Green Agata, Kogolong (white), Lapis (blue), Sciacca coral (orange), and Onyx (black). This is their raw shape, before the stones will be cut and polished.

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Turkish numbers on the dials of pocket watches for Ottoman Empire

18 四月 2018 | ,

What hour is it? Let’ say it better: what kind of numbers are they? On the dial of this watch you can see Turkish numbers, always featured in the dial of watches made for the Ottoman Emperor from the beginning of 17th century. Initially oval-shaped, then round, they became enclosed with several protective watch-cases. The…

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The three-quarter plate: a style hallmark for A. Lange & Söhne

15 四月 2018 | , ,

Ferdinand Adolph Lange was a perfectionist watchmaker, seeking for the optimum engineering solutions for its watches. This is the reason why he worked on the evolution of the many separate bridges and cocks commonly used to assembly the movement of a watch. For the watchmaker it was a quite hard work, made of trials and…

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The Pendule Sympathique by Breguet: maybe the most complicated clock in the world

10 三月 2018 | , ,

This is, probably, the most complicated clock in the world. Better: the clock and the watch, together. In 1835 Abraham-Louis Breguet introduced to his son probably his most fascinating, complicated and hard to implement invention: the “pendule sympathique”. A precision pendulum clock that could mechanically wind and set the correct time on a pocket watch,…

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How does a jewelry masterpiece take shape: the “Seraphim” jewel

5 三月 2018 | ,


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