Hausmann & Co. House, how it was called during the 20s

15 一月 2018 |

An ancient business card helps to read some of the features of a Company lasting more than two Centuries. A solid relationship with the main watchmaking Houses. At the beginning of the XX Century, the major names were Vacheron & Constantin and Patek, Philippe & Cie (please note the ancient names of those Companies, unveiling…

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Happy 2018.. the second year of the leap years cycle

1 一月 2018


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Hausmann & Co. jewels as Christmas gift proposals for Italian magazines

20 十二月 2017 | ,

Amica chose the Cinque Terre ring with a central cabochon of green Calcedony and grey diamonds, on a yellow gold hand made setting. Elle created a colourful page with a selection of original and unconventional jewels. Among them,  4 rings from the  Hausmann & Co. Maharaja collection, shown in the lower section of the page… and inside the cocktail…

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Indexes and numerals: the unusual combination on the Hausmann & Co. watches dials

14 十二月 2017 |


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Pilot watches by Hausmann & Co.

7 十二月 2017 |

The triangle at 12 o’ clock is a typical feature of military watches, especially used on pilot watches. This detail is common to many contemporary professional or military watches, and for this reason the code is respected also in the Hausmann & Co. aviator watch collection. The Hausmann & Co. pilot watch is a military…

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Women in watchmaking distribution industry. Interviews by Il Corriere della Sera

1 十二月 2017 |

A special piece by the Corriere della Sera about women in the watchmaking distribution industry, inside the Special issue about watches in november 2017. Inside, Giulia Mauro’s interview, representing Hausmann & Co.

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Rolex GMT Master 16710 and Patek Philippe Beta 21: talking about Hausmann Vintage

15 十一月 2017

The italian watchmaking magazine  Galileus Emozioni e Orologi dedicated two talks about two special pieces from the Hausmann Vintage collection. A Rolex GMT Master 16710, known as the “Pepsi” among the italian collectors, as an example of the careful selection process for each second wrist watch that Hausmann & Co. offers to its customers. And a Patek…

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A short and sad story behind a Patek Philippe watch fixing

3 十一月 2017 |

You own a beautiful Patek Philippe watch, carefully kept during the years to be worn for that special occasion, the wedding of a friend or a son, a gala dinner, a special event. A watch with an economic value. For this reason you always make it overhauled by a Patek Philippe authorized Service Center such…

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