Women in watchmaking distribution industry. Interviews by Il Corriere della Sera

1 十二月 2017 |

A special piece by the Corriere della Sera about women in the watchmaking distribution industry, inside the Special issue about watches in november 2017. Inside, Giulia Mauro’s interview, representing Hausmann & Co.

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A short and sad story behind a Patek Philippe watch fixing

3 十一月 2017 |

You own a beautiful Patek Philippe watch, carefully kept during the years to be worn for that special occasion, the wedding of a friend or a son, a gala dinner, a special event. A watch with an economic value. For this reason you always make it overhauled by a Patek Philippe authorized Service Center such…

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Roman autumn in the jewels colours

31 十月 2017 | ,

A warm autumn for Hausmann & Co. jewels. The magazines Elle and Amica choose two pieces from our collection to show off the Italian handcraft and design capabilities. In the Elle page, the Emerald cabochon necklace, belonging to the 1794 collection, is at the first position in the wide selection of charms. Amica choose the…

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Parmigiani Fleurier launches in Rome the new Toric

26 十月 2017 |

Parmigiani Fleurier chose Rome as the perfect place to launch the new Toric collection to the Italian market. The reason is the pure and classic style of the case of the watch, ispired by the golden ratio so loved by classical artists from ancient Rome. Michel Parmigiani personally introduced the watch to all the collectors…

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