Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse’s perfection based on the “divine proportion”

5 六月 2013 | ,

Patek Philippe Ellipse, created in 1968, is easily recognizable due to the elegant elliptical shape of its case.

The “golden ratio”, called by the ancient greeks the “divine proportion”, is the basis of its design: if we inscribe the elliptical case in a rectangle, this rectangle will have the same proportion of the rectangular map of the Parthenon temple in Athens.

The golden ratio is mathematically represented by the proportion 1/1,6181, discovered by ancient greeks mathematics and used by the most famous artists to well proportionate buildings (as the Parthenon or the Constantin’s Arch in Rome), paintings (as the Gioconda by Leondardo Da Vinci or Guernica by Picasso) and design objects.