Is this watch a … manual winding or a self winding watch?

30 十二月 2013 |

How to ditinguish -without using catalogs or the internet- among manual winding and self-winding watches? In case of sapphire case back, the answer is easy: if you see the rotor moving, it is a self-winding watch! But if the back is closed, you need to pay attention to weak signals… For example, charging a manual…

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WATCH GURU: few people in the world can be described in this way!

28 十二月 2013 |

“one of the referral points in watchmaking worldwide”. This is how Paolo Gobbi defined Benedetto Mauro, CEO of Hausmann & Co. together with Francesco Hausmann, in the watchmaking industry since more than 35 years. He is expert in micro-mechanics and history of watchmaking, and he is a good connessoir of vintage and contemporary watches. To…

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Watch restoration: a Hausmann watch visiting Patek Philippe atelier

24 十二月 2013 | , ,

The top watchmaker firms, such as Patek Philippe, Lange & Söhne, Jaeger-LeCoultre and so on, are able to make restoration works on any watch ever produced by their company, using ancient mechanical machines still preserved in their manufacturing sites. We are honoured that Patek Philippe took a watch sold by our store as the example…

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“Two Centuries of history among watches and hands”: Hausmann & Co. presented by Il Tempo

22 十二月 2013 |

“Loosing the sense of time in a Hausmann & Co. boutique seems impossible… but it happens”. Roman “Il Tempo” newspaper describes in this way the talk with Francesco Hausmann, CEO of Hausmann & Co. together with Benedetto Mauro. Going back of more than two centuries to describe the company’s history, and looking forward to new…

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Watch Guru: an interview with the watches expert Benedetto Mauro

10 十二月 2013 |

One of the “point of reference at a worldwide level in high watchmaking”. Benedetto Mauro, CEO of Hausmann & Co. together with Francesco Hausmann, explains to Paolo Gobbi his history and how the watchmaking industry works today. Watch Guru: intervista a Bendetto Mauro per la rivista Galileus. Autore: Paolo Gobbi

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Watchmaking storytelling: what is a watch complication?

28 十一月 2013 | ,

Complications, in a mechanical watch, are mechanical disposals added to the basic movement, needed to indicate additional information to that of the hour. Complications are always connected to time flowing: to make some examples: Chronographs, for the measurement of short time intervals, such as racing performances; Calendars, from the simple ones, with the indication of…

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Cinque Terre rings collection by Hausmann & Co.

22 十一月 2013 |

The nwe Cinque terre rings collection by Hausmann & Co., jeweller in Rome. A central cabochon stone, together with diamonds, sapphires and fine gold. Two exclusive models which you may find only in our three boutiques in Rome. Discover the collection! Alcuni esemplari della collezione di anelli Cinque Terre di Hausmann & Co. Oro, diamanti…

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Diamond, the invincible stone

8 十一月 2013 | ,

In ancient Grece, diamond hardness gave him its name, coming from the ancient Greek αδάμας – adámas, meaning “unbreakable”. Diamond is the hardest known natural material on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, where hardness is defined as resistance to scratching and is graded between 1 (softest) and 10 (hardest). Diamond has a hardness of…

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