Shadow like embroideries: the skeleton watch ref. 5180/1R by Patek Philippe

11 September 2017 | ,

Guess what is it? LIght embroideries. At Baselworld 201…

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Videos to discover a watch: Hausmann & Co. shows the whole assembly process of a mechanical watch

5 August 2016 | , ,

These videos show all the details about the watch assem…

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Ruby in watches: stones that are precious to the movement of the wheels

9 November 2015 | , ,

In the years between 700s and 800s watchmaking made gre…

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How does a watch work: plate, bridges and jewels as a support for gearwheel

9 May 2015 | ,

A watch mechanism works thanks to wheels’ and pig…

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Watchmaking storytelling:Silicon, the greatest innovation in watchmaking?

13 October 2014 | ,

It is the second element most common in Nature, after o…

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Watchmaking storytelling: perpetual calendar watches

28 August 2014 | ,

Gregorius XIII conceived on 1582 the Gregorian Calendar…

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Complicated is fascinating, if it is a watch

11 July 2014 | ,

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 Italianoと English のみです。

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Virtuosity on seconds hand: complicating the essential

24 May 2014 | , , , ,

The seconds hand is fundamental in watches, especially …

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