Turkish numbers on the dials of pocket watches for Ottoman Empire

18 April 2018 | ,

What hour is it? Let’ say it better: what kind of numbe…

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The three-quarter plate: a style hallmark for A. Lange & Söhne

15 April 2018 | , ,

Ferdinand Adolph Lange was a perfectionist watchmaker, …

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The Pendule Sympathique by Breguet: maybe the most complicated clock in the world

10 March 2018 | , ,

This is, probably, the most complicated clock in the wo…

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How does a jewelry masterpiece take shape: the “Seraphim” jewel

5 March 2018 | ,

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 Italiano のみです。

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The Patek Philippe Calibre 89: the first watch to indicate the date of Easter

24 April 2016 | ,

The Easter date does not correspond to a fixed date eac…

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The clock as a tool to measure space: after longitude, the challenge is the GPS localization

20 April 2016 | ,

Hard to tell, but time measurement is a technical chall…

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Have a great 29th of February!

29 February 2016 |

The date of today, 29th of February, could be the watch…

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Fake watches, stolen watches, used watches… The second wrist watches market is a tough market

22 November 2015 |

Many customers ask us advise in the purchase  of  used …

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