The ancient Roman Carnival, below our building in via del Corso

8 February 2018 | ,

From XV to XIX Century Rome was the world leading city …

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Hausmann & Co. House, how it was called during the 20s

15 January 2018 |

An ancient business card helps to read some of the feat…

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Hausmann & Co. in the movie “Il Divo” by Paolo Sorrentino about Italian politicians

24 August 2016 |

The movie “Il Divo”, by Paolo Sorrentino, i…

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Acquisition deed for Hausmann & Co., dating back to 1881. At the beginning of a centuries-old business

24 June 2016 |

It all started in 1794, thanks to the initiative of Gio…

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An Hausmann & Co. pocket watch at the exhibit “The Popes and the Jubilees”

20 January 2016 | ,

A vintage Hausmann & Co. pocket watch, that belong…

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Gift ideas for Christmas… 1960!

14 December 2015 | , ,

Hausmann & Co. made this booklet on 1960 as a comm…

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Being watchmakers: a brief story about the Hausmann watches

6 December 2015 | ,

A watchmaking tradition that begun in 1794 cannot today…

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A Certificate of Honor for Hausmann & Co. at Milan International Exposition in 1906

2 November 2015 | ,

Milano Expo 2015 is not the only International Expositi…

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