Is this watch a … manual winding or a self winding watch?

30 December 2013 |

How to ditinguish -without using catalogs or the intern…

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WATCH GURU: few people in the world can be described in this way!

28 December 2013 |

“one of the referral points in watchmaking worldw…

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Watch restoration: a Hausmann watch visiting Patek Philippe atelier

24 December 2013 | , ,

The top watchmaker firms, such as Patek Philippe, Lange…

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“Two Centuries of history among watches and hands”: Hausmann & Co. presented by Il Tempo

22 December 2013 |

“Loosing the sense of time in a Hausmann & C…

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Watch Guru: an interview with the watches expert Benedetto Mauro

10 December 2013 |

One of the “point of reference at a worldwide lev…

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Watchmaking storytelling: what is a watch complication?

28 November 2013 | ,

Complications, in a mechanical watch, are mechanical di…

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Cinque Terre rings collection by Hausmann & Co.

22 November 2013 |

The nwe Cinque terre rings collection by Hausmann &…

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Diamond, the invincible stone

8 November 2013 | ,

In ancient Grece, diamond hardness gave him its name, c…

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