Watchmaking / Tag Heuer

tag-heuerSince 1860, TAG Heuer has managed to synthesize in one brand several contrasting elements: tradition and innovation, prestige and performance, sport and elegance. Today, we are the fourth brand of luxury watches in the world and seek to always push the boundaries of watchmaking technology thanks to our staff, our range of available knowledge and deep experience that sets us apart. Reinventing a collection of legendary models that meet the tastes of today, working on innovative concepts that integrate an advanced technology: these are the activities that are part of the development taking place at TAG Heuer. The world of sports is our main inspiration and it is our involvement in sports that makes us strong and different from others. While TAG Heuer is strongly oriented towards the future, our corporate culture is deeply rooted in the tradition of the past; values and knowledge of master watchmakers are handed down from generation to generation and make TAG Heuer a bold and timeless brand.
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