Watchmaking / Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe, the last independent family owned watch manufacture in Geneva

As an independent and family managed company, Patek Philippe is free to create, produce and assembly extremely high-qualitative watches. Watch lovers all over the world, and of course in Italy and in Rome, recognize Patek Philippe as a qualitative manufacture that dedicates its efforts both to mechanics and to aesthetics. The Patek Philippe savoir-faire, a patrimony of generations, allows the Company to keep a tradition dedicated to innovation, as more than 80 patents testify.

Patek Philippe in Rome only at Hausmann & Co. 

In Rome, Hausmann & Co. is the only official Patek Philippe dealer. Hausmann & Co. is partner of Patek Philippe since the XIX century, when Patek Philippe watches began to be appreciated for their quality and aesthetics.

The current Patek Philippe watch collection is available in all the three Hausmann & Co. stores downtown in Rome:  at via del Corso 406, at via dei Condotti 28, at via del Babuino 63.  Looking for a Patek Philippe in Italy? Hausmann & Co. can show to watch lovers traveling to Rome an extremely wide Patek Philippe watch offer, thanks to three so closed stores. With no competitors in Italy.

The Patek Philippe values in each watch

Independence, to be able to express the Brand at his maximum. Tradition, because each watch expresses the history of the manufacture where is made: from its technical features, to its aesthetic. Innovation in each detail, forcing the industry to increase the quality level. Quality and craftmanship, without compromising. Rarity, since owning a Patek Philippe means a special pleasure. Value of each watch, to be recognised to the watch at the moment of the purchase and to be kept during time. Aesthetics, since a watch is always a pleasure to wear, without any compromise with an easy reading of its indications. Service, a qualitative aspect that is a fundamental part of the purchase, when a good is meant to last for generations. Emotion, that always has to recall a Patek Philippe watch on a wrist. Legacy, since the value of a Company and of its products comes from its history. In Italy Patek Philippe is recognized as a leading brand in watchmaking just because of the right deplyment of these values.