The proud guardian of an exceptional historic heritage, L.LEROY has penned some of the finest pages in the history of French watchmaking and chronometry since 1785.
In 1900, the presentation of the Leroy 01 at the World’s Fair in Paris established the name of L.LEROY among the elite brands and secured it a reputation for excellence. This timepiece, now exhibited in the collections of the Time Museum at the Palais Granvelle in Besançon, remained the world’s most complicated watch for nearly a century. During the same period, L.LEROY equipped a number of royal and national navies around the world.
Today, the House’s new creations, presented as part of the OSMIOR and MARINE ranges, perpetuate this prestigious technical and aesthetic heritage. They express the elegance and absolute quality of contemporary neo-classical fine watchmaking to perfection, and continue to uphold the brand’s traditional, special partnership with the Besançon Observatory for their chronometric certification.