Cartier, a specialist in shaped watches. Its tradition starts with the first male wristwatch ever made: the Santos de Cartier, created at the beginning of XX Century for the aviator Santos-Dumont.  Cartier becomes an icon for female wristwatches and jewel watches, creating small, elegant and precious watches designed in beautiful and original shapes, breaking the rule of a round-shaped watch.

To aesthetics, Cartier adds quality. With a project started in 2005, Cartier produces internally many of the movements for its watches, thanks to the Cartier Manufacture. Located on the Jura mountains, it is conceived as a place to join all the watchmaking professionals in three divisions: development, production and service. Within the manufacture, the Atelier Tradition works to ensure the restoration of all Cartier watches ever produced, using capabilities and tools from the watchmaking artisanal tradition.

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