Watch service centre / Watch overhaul

A mechanical watch, just like any other precision instrument, requires an overhaul approximally every five years, in order to ensure a perfect functioning and to maintain its value during time.

Since we are a service centre certified by the main watch brands, we ensure an extremely high quality work on each watch: the stringent servicing procedures laid down by the principal Maisons orient towards quality, with no expense spared in terms of time or spare parts – always, rigorously, original.

Revisione orologi

revisione orologi

These videos show all the details about the watch assembly during an overhaul. All the videos are shot inside our Service Center.

It all starts desassembling the watch:

While case and bracelet are in the Polissage department, the watch movement is fully overhaouled. After all the components have been cleaned and eventually changed with new ones, the caliber is ready for the assembly.

Starting with the barrel, that contains the hair spring…

And then following with the other parts of the caliber, including the balance wheel, the beating heart of the watch.

In the meanwhile, the polish department works on case and bracelet…

Here is the watch at the end of the work: just like a brand new one!