Clock Tour / Corso Rinascimento

This clock is another surviving testimony of an era in which the public clock conferred prestige to the building bearing it and, if its placement had been done by a business or by an industrial or trading company, it would undoubtedly be an element of appeal or, as we would say today, of advertising, keeping in mind that back in the days not very many people owned a personal watch. The one we are talking about was placed almost seventy years ago on the building of St. Louis of the French, on the corner of Corso Rinascimento and Via del Salvatore, reminding us of the church of St. Salvatore in Thermis, demolished to enlarge the Palazzo Madama (home of the Senate of the Italian Republic). But the clock did not have the good fortune of being named as the pharmacy it towers, that is, the Pharmaceutical Company founded by doctor Nello Cecchini who commissioned the work to the Hausman Company. After the pharmacy owner died, the clock stopper working, but it is still popularly called “the clock in via del Rinascimento.”