Clock Tour / Caffè Aragno

Another clock that, although locked up in a room, can rightfully be called a public one, even if it doesn’t exist any more, but it was famous in the past, was situated in the Third Room of the Ancient Caffè Aragno, which was a place where politicians, writers and artists used to meet for over sixty years. It was, in fact, Giacomo Aragno, who first opened a caffè in the Sciarra Square, then moved in Via delle Convertite and, due to the demolitions, relocated on the Sdrucciolo alley, then finally settled on the Corso in the newly build Marignoli Building and opened the caffè on the 14th of March, 1890. At the heart of the famous Third Room, a clock supplied by the Hausmann Company and governed by impulses originating directly from the laboratory of the same company was placed. The clock was in a square box and had four quadrants, one on each side, and it worked, often signalling important hours, until Aragno was taken over by the Milanese Alemagna, who suppressed the historic Third Room, and with it the clock, an important witness of sixty years of history not only of Rome, disappeared as well.