A short and sad story behind a Patek Philippe watch fixing

3 November 2017 |

You own a beautiful Patek Philippe watch, carefully kept during the years to be worn for that special occasion, the wedding of a friend or a son, a gala dinner, a special event. A watch with an economic value. For this reason you always make it overhauled by a Patek Philippe authorized Service Center such…

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Waterproof watches: protect successfully your watch from water!

5 April 2017 |

Remind that a watch can be defined “waterproof” only if their water tightness is guaranteed for more than 10 bar pressure/100 metres depth (to know more, see previous tip)… below you can find a list of tips to preserve successfully your watch form the damages caused by water infiltrations: The winding crown is the most…

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What to do if your watch is not on time?

7 March 2017 |

The most accurate mechanical watches are called “chronometers”, and for this characteristic they obtain a certification from the COSC, an independent Swiss institute in charge of checking the quality of watches movements. For the COSC, a mechanical watch is accurate if, at the end of the month, has a difference of 2-3 minutes ahead or…

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Videos to discover a watch: Hausmann & Co. shows the whole assembly process of a mechanical watch

5 August 2016 | , ,

These videos show all the details about the watch assembly during an overhaul. All the videos are shot inside our Service Center. It all starts desassembling the watch: While case and bracelet are in the Polissage department, the watch movement is fully overhaouled. After all the components have been cleaned and eventually changed with new…

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Manual winding a watch: did you do it right?

14 October 2015 |

Manual winding watches need a close and continuous care to function well. Your watch is there, on your bedside table, that waits for you to put it on your wrist, but… do not do it immediately! First of all, you have to wind it up and in case even set the hour, operations you must…

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Are your watch strap and bracelet correctly adjusted?

4 May 2015 |

  What a pleasure having a watch of great value and wearing it! Let secure it to our wrist with its leather strap or metal bracelet. Do not tighten it too much, to avoid circulatory problems, but, at the same time, do not loosen it too much, to avoid damages. The looser the watch is…

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The right winding for self winding watches: how to start them correctly being sure of winding them enough!

3 January 2015 |

  Talking about self winding watches, the crucial question is: how long is should I wear a self winding watch to keep it working? The duration does not depend only on time, but also on the kind of physical activity your wrist is doing. Of course, design choices of the various watchmaker companies can lead…

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How to set the date avoiding mechanical and… intellectual issues!

5 November 2014 |

A normal watch with date cannot distinguish among the different months duration, so it is necessary to correct the date in those months with less than 31 days. These operations are equally necessary when you want to put on a watch again after a long time. But… pay attention! The date setting has two problems,…

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