Service / The revision of a watch

Once a watch arrives at the lab for a review, a watchmaker takes care of it during the entire procedure, just like in the workshops in Switzerland where intricate patterns are made. First, an estimate is made according to the work that needs to be done and, once approved, the watch goes to the next stage. The time-frame is short for simple and routine check-ups, but becomes longer (even thirty or ninety days) for complex ones or with special pieces that must be obtained from the parent company.

First the entire “clothing” of our Rolex is taken off (case, bracelet, bottom plate, lunette) and sent to be polished, followed by a first washing and possible replacements of worn parts. During a normal revision all seal gaskets are replaced (bottom plate, crown, glass), which are highly important in a sports model. Then we move on to the dial: using two special tweezers the two hands are removed, protecting the bottom with a transparent film so not to ruin it; afterwards the lateral screws and date disk are removed. It is a delicate operation, because the dial is prone to scratches. Each part is then placed in a special container with walls.