Service / Final verification tests

At the end of the assembly we pass to the impermeability test, measuring the change in pressure inside a sealed chamber.

The function test is very important too, during which the automatic watch is placed on a simulator for five days. This is how the technician checks the efficiency of the charging device, moving the watch which, in practice, should be on the owner’s wrist. Once proper operation is set, we proceed to assembling the bracelet which was previously polished, like the case, on a wheel with different types of brushes and abrasives depending on the type of scratched, which were more or less deep.

Now our Rolex is finally ready, fully functional and all the parts are in place, accompanied by a one-year guarantee from Hausmann & Co. Inside, on the bottom plate, the technician engraves a sequence number (visible only with a magnifying glass), which is recorded in appropriate registers, in order to identify the watch if it returns to service.