The birth of the Scatola del Tempo goes back to the late ’80s and comes from the desire and initiative of a collector, Sandro Colarieti who, looking for a watch holder that was in line with the quality of the models he owned, couldn’t do anything else but make one, using skilled craftsmen and top quality materials. Initially he made a small series, giving those who would not use to some friends, as gifts. Shortly afterwards he started getting requests for the same models. Thus the Scatola del Tempo was born spontaneously and today it is known and appreciated on all five continents. The Scatola del Tempo expresses its own conception of watch holder boxes. It is about an object designed with a deep understanding of what it is intended to contain, completely handmade by the finest craftsmen using the best leather and finest silks, produced in the family’s textile factory and offering, in all its models, innovative technical solutions combined with taste and refinement.