Historical just like our clients: Hausmann & Co. watchmakers in Rome and Italian railways

30 April 2013 |

Railways companies are inevitably oriented to time precision.

This is the reason why, at the beginning of XX Century, Italian Railways Company asked Hausmann & Co. to maintain watches and clocks placed along many railways routes: time measurement was at that time crucial both in main stations and in minor stops which were so important to ensure on time service to customers.

In 1904 a contract was signed among Hausmann & Co. and the Strade Ferrate del Mediterraneo Company to assign the responsibility of watches and clocks maintenance along the routes of Roman area. This agreement involved many kind of time measurement instrument typical of that age and industry:

  • tower clocks
  • multiple dial clocks (two or three)
  • pocket watches
  • regulators
  • wall clocks
  • “regular” watches with one spring

At the beginning of the project, Hausmann & Co. watchmakers wrote on a diary the inventory of watches and clocks for each railway route.