Shadow like embroideries: the skeleton watch ref. 5180/1R by Patek Philippe

11 Сентябрь 2017 | ,

Guess what is it? LIght embroideries. At Baselworld 2017, Patek Philippe introduced a new version of its rare and marvellous skeleton watch: the Calatrava “Squelette” Ref. 5180/1R in rose gold. It showcases the extremely rare craft of skeletonization alongside magnificent engravings to imbue the elegant mechanism with enigmatic sensuousness. The aesthetic appeal and transparency with…

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Videos to discover a watch: Hausmann & Co. shows the whole assembly process of a mechanical watch

5 Август 2016 | , ,

These videos show all the details about the watch assembly during an overhaul. All the videos are shot inside our Service Center. It all starts desassembling the watch: While case and bracelet are in the Polissage department, the watch movement is fully overhaouled. After all the components have been cleaned and eventually changed with new…

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Ruby in watches: stones that are precious to the movement of the wheels

9 Ноябрь 2015 | , ,

In the years between 700s and 800s watchmaking made great strides. Beyond great technical innovations, mainly concerning the regulating organ’s engineering, those were also the years to solve small mechanical issues: great innovations to a part of the mechanism  lead to discover issues in other parts, that was important to solve in order to have…

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How does a watch work: plate, bridges and jewels as a support for gearwheel

9 Май 2015 | ,

A watch mechanism works thanks to wheels’ and pignons’ motion, transmitting energy from the barrel to the balance-wheel. But how do those wheels stand? Let’s learn about watchmaking with an easy watch glossary. A watch mechanism is assembled on a plate: a flat piece of metal, usually made of brass, that serves as a foundation…

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Watchmaking storytelling:Silicon, the greatest innovation in watchmaking?

13 Октябрь 2014 | ,

It is the second element most common in Nature, after oxygen. It forms almost 30% of Earth’s crustal plate weight. It is commonly used in bricks production, in solar panels and in microelectronics. Since a decade, it is the frontier of innovation also in watchmaking. For hairsprings and wheels. We are talking about silicon. This…

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Watchmaking storytelling: perpetual calendar watches

28 Август 2014 | ,

Gregorius XIII conceived on 1582 the Gregorian Calendar, the same calendar sill regulating our time. At that time, he did not reflected on the issues he would have created to watchmakers in the following centuries… It was the XVI century when time measurement with a portable and adequately precise instrument became possible, but only at…

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Complicated is fascinating, if it is a watch

11 Июль 2014 | ,

Not Avaible

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Virtuosity on seconds hand: complicating the essential

24 Май 2014 | , , , ,

The seconds hand is fundamental in watches, especially in the automatic ones, since it indicates the flow of time, and shows the correct functioning of the watch. In mechanical watches, the seconds’ hand is naturally decentrated, because it is placed on the second’ wheel. By modifying the wheel train, thus adding a complication to the…

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