Hausmann & Co. jewels as Christmas gift proposals for Italian magazines

20 Декабрь 2017 | ,

Amica chose the Cinque Terre ring with a central cabochon of green Calcedony and grey diamonds, on a yellow gold hand made setting. Elle created a colourful page with a selection of original and unconventional jewels. Among them,  4 rings from the  Hausmann & Co. Maharaja collection, shown in the lower section of the page… and inside the cocktail…

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Roman autumn in the jewels colours

31 Октябрь 2017 | ,

A warm autumn for Hausmann & Co. jewels. The magazines Elle and Amica choose two pieces from our collection to show off the Italian handcraft and design capabilities. In the Elle page, the Emerald cabochon necklace, belonging to the 1794 collection, is at the first position in the wide selection of charms. Amica choose the…

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Hausmann & Co. earring among the best jewels, even for Royals!

26 Октябрь 2017 | ,

Drops ruby earrings in the central page dedicated to jewels by Gioia, one of the main Italian feminine monthly magazine. The Hausmann & Co. Drops collection embellished the selection of high-jewelry pieces chosen for the vivid color of their precious stones. Discover the exclusive hand made in Italy collection of earrings Drops by Hausmann &…

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The true and vivid colours of the stones leading the new ADV campaign of Hausmann & Co.

18 Июль 2017 |

Three subjects in the new advertising campaign for Hausmann & Co. jewels. The key player is the colour of the fully natural stones used in Hausmann & Co. jewels. Three collections choosen for the 2017-2018 campaign: the Boulevard elegand and classy collection, the Plenilunio coloured and round-shaped rings, accompaigned by earrings and necklaces, and the…

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The Ouverture bracelet selected by Gioia Italia

26 Май 2017 | ,

Not Avaible

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Wedding rings by Hausmann & Co.: our wedding alliance hand made in Italy

26 Апрель 2017 |

A collection of wedding rings signed by Hausmann & Co. Simple as a wedding alliances has to be, studied in each details in order to be unique. Two kind of wedding allinaces are available: a French-style wedding ring, also called the confortable alliance, with a flat section. And an Italian-style wedding ring, with a more…

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Making of the new Plenilunio collection. Jewels made in italy

13 Апрель 2017 |

This is how an hand-made-in-Italy jewel is crafted. On a wood desk, among dust and tools, the light of the gold comes out, ready to embrace the colours of the stones. Discover the wide selection of multicolour rings, earrings and necklaces from the Plenilunio collection!

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An Hausmann & Co. ring for GIOIA newspaper

18 Март 2017 | ,

Essential in their elegance, simple in their preciousness. Two rings by Hausmann & Co.

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