The Pendule Sympathique by Breguet: maybe the most complicated clock in the world

10 Март 2018 | , ,

This is, probably, the most complicated clock in the world. Better: the clock and the watch, together. In 1835 Abraham-Louis Breguet introduced to his son probably his most fascinating, complicated and hard to implement invention: the “pendule sympathique”. A precision pendulum clock that could mechanically wind and set the correct time on a pocket watch,…

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What is the tourbillon needed for?

19 Октябрь 2015 | , ,

It is a fascinating mechanism and very appreciated by watch lovers. Sometimes you can see it trough a clear opening on the dial, someother it is hidden below the dial that preserve it. Somebody does not consider it as a watch complication, even it is necessary a deep technical knowledge to build such a small…

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To whom the honor of creating the first wristwatch of the history?

19 Май 2015 | , , ,

Answering to the question “Who created the first wrist watch” is not easy at all! Carolina Murat, queen of Naples and sister of Napoleon ordered to Abraham-Louis Breguet on 1810 a wristwatch with minute repeater, delivered on 1812. Only the order on the original Breguet’s book is, unfortunately, proof of this production… Patek Philippe made…

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Baselworld 2015 trends #4: blue on Tudor, Patek Philippe and Breguet watches

8 Апрель 2015 | , , ,

As an alternative to the common black and the confortable browns, blue is gaining positions inside the pages of all brands’ catalogues. This Baselword 2015 showed the use of blue also for classic and simple watches, changing the trend that associated it mainly with limited editions and platinum versions of the watches. First introduced in…

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Baselworld 2015 trends #2: sophisticated mechanics by Leroy, Breguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex

31 Март 2015 | , , ,

Beautiful mechanics is the main guest at Baselworld. One of the astonishing pieces was the new Leroy caliber L100, the beating heart of the Leroy masterpiece “Chrnonomètre à Tourbillon” from the Osmior collection. Just to let you understand: a Tourbillon with Duplex escapement and constant force, fusee-chain and deadbeat seconds Hand-wound Manufacture Calibre L100, entirely…

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Read the hour without light, and without the noise of minute or quarter repeaters: this is why Breguet invented the montre a tact (discreet watch)

28 Июль 2014 | ,

Back in the days before artificial light, a crucial issue was how to check the time in the dark – without waking up the whole house turning on candles or fireplaces. In order to help the noble gentlemen of that age, some ingenious devices were invented, among them the still nowadays fascinating repeaters. But the…

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Baselworld trends #2: not-rounded shaped watches

5 Апрель 2014 | , , , ,

The watch case shape is the main aesthetic research field for designers. Breguet introduces a new and modern version of its reine de Naples ladies watch, with a big case in rose gold and a modern and charming dial, yet in the tradition Breguet with its exceptional hand work. Chanel Preimière collections includes this year…

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Power reserve: a technical innovation by A.L. Breguet to save his good name

3 Сентябрь 2013 | ,

Abraham Louis Breguet was an extraordinary inventor and an outstanding watchmaker, but also a very smart seller. He immediately undertood the psychological trick beyond his most practical work, the automatic watch. This (pocket) watch could self-wind itself thanks to a rotor activated by the walking of its owner. It was quite risky, for Breguet, to…

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