The ancient Roman Carnival, below our building in via del Corso

10 Февраль 2017 | ,

From XV to XIX Century Rome was the world leading city of the Carnival season. The Roman people enjoyed the Carnival period rich in parties and entertainments, such as horse rides, disguised parties and parades, games and tournaments. Goethe wrote: “Roman Carnival is not an holiday given to people, yet an holiday that people gives…

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Hausmann & Co. in the movie “Il Divo” by Paolo Sorrentino about Italian politicians

24 Август 2016 |

The movie “Il Divo”, by Paolo Sorrentino, is a biographical movie about Giulio Andreotti’s life, the political leader of the catholic party in Italy for many decades. Sorrentino in his movie describes the Italian political life during the years 1991-1993, including the Presidential Elections that brought to the Quirinal House the President Scalfaro. Inside the…

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Acquisition deed for Hausmann & Co., dating back to 1881. At the beginning of a centuries-old business

24 Июнь 2016 |

It all started in 1794, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Romano Ricci, who opened his watchmaker’s shop in the heart of Papal Rome, in Palazzo Piombino. The successful clock and watch shop in Rome was inherited by Romano’s son, Innocenzo Ricci. A man of substance with no heirs of his own, in 1870 he took the decision to go into business…

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An Hausmann & Co. pocket watch at the exhibit “The Popes and the Jubilees”

20 Январь 2016 | ,

A vintage Hausmann & Co. pocket watch, that belonged to Pope Pius XI, is now shown at the exhibit “The Popes and the Jubilees” in Rome. The exhibit collects objects that belonged to some of the Popes that celebrated the Holy Years with the Jubilees. The exhibit is managed by the Popes’ Museum in Padua,…

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Gift ideas for Christmas… 1960!

14 Декабрь 2015 | , ,

Hausmann & Co. made this booklet on 1960 as a commercial advertising to its customers, as a tool to suggest the best-seller products as Christmas gifts.

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Being watchmakers: a brief story about the Hausmann watches

6 Декабрь 2015 | ,

A watchmaking tradition that begun in 1794 cannot today give up on making watches with its own brand. It is indeed the watchmaking work with wich Hausmann & Co. history begun, under the name of Giovanni Romano Ricci, who opened his watchmaker’s shop in the heart of Papal Rome, in Palazzo Piombino. In an age…

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A Certificate of Honor for Hausmann & Co. at Milan International Exposition in 1906

2 Ноябрь 2015 | ,

Milano Expo 2015 is not the only International Exposition that the Italin city hosted. It was 1906 when the first International Exposition took place there, and Hausmann & Co. remembers its participation to during years of great mechanical and tecnological innovation. The Exposition was dedicated to the opening of the Simplon railway tunnel below the…

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From a 1945 original newspaper, Franz Hausmann idea about the watchmaker work

1 Октябрь 2015 | ,

The “Free Association of Watchmakers” in Rome was born again on 1945, changing the organization that Fascism gave to corporatism. This page is the fist page of the “Clessidra” (hourglass) newspaper, printed by the Association on the 31st of May 1945, coinciding with the end of the war in Europe. In this historical page for Italian watchmaking, the…

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